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As you already know the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program has impacted the lives of all Senior Citizens who participate in this Medicare program.

Senior Citizens find it very difficult to truly understand the way the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program works. What we do know is that we are all paying way too much for our Prescription Medications.

Isn't it time for YOU to STOP letting the Insurance and Drug companies take away your hard earned money?

Yes, we all know that the Medicare Part D Plan is extremely difficult to understand, even by top experts. You absolutely need a lot of time, patience and the knowledge of a Certified Public Accountant and then possibly you would have a chance to save just some of your money.

Well, that is quite true, but what if a Wharton School trained accountant already took the time to carefully examine the Medicare Plan for you? What if all the numbers had been calculated for you, all of the time lines carefully evaluated and the loopholes were COMPLETELY EXPOSED?

What if you could just read a simple to the point Guide that would tell you in "PLAIN ENGLISH" exactly what you can do to keep your hard earned money in your pocket?


YES, and fortunately you have arrived at the right place and now is the time for you to learn more about what you can do right now.

You do not necessarily have to understand how your Insurance Plan calculates your costs because I have done the work for you - all you really need to know is how you can reduce these costs. The methods that I provide are simple to follow and all of the information that you need is available to you right now. You can choose to learn what is happening behind the scenes or you can just follow the steps.

Either way will work just as well for you.

The Drug Plan Guide provides you with a simple and easy to follow plan that will easily allow you to save on average hundreds of dollars a year. *There is a section in the guide that when followed can (in certain cases) save you thousands of dollars a year. 

You can avoid the Medicare Part D  "Donut Hole" and stay out of "The Gap" because the "Drug Plan Guide" will explain to you exactly what you can and should be doing right now.

When THE MEDICARE PART D PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN came into existence at the beginning of 2006, I immediately realized that the Part D Plan was created in a manner that would be very costly to Seniors if they did not truly understand what to do and what not to do when purchasing their prescription drugs.

Just like you, I realized that this was going to cost a fortune for both my wife and myself so I spent many hours over many weeks studying every aspect of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. I myself am a Senior Citizen just like you and I am also a graduate of Accounting from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. 

When I explained what I was doing to my friends, who are also mostly Senior Citizens, they began calling and asking my advice, so I spelled it all out in a simple and easy to follow Guide. It has helped so many of my friends and I received so many calls of thanks that it just made sense to make this Plan available to as many Senior Citizens as possible. At that point, with the assistance of my son, I prepared this website to share this information with others who would also find it helpful. 

Here is what you will receive and how you can receive the information that you really need:

The total cost for your Drug Plan Guide is $4.95. (You will save this amount as soon as you begin following the simple steps in the Guide). You will receive your Drug Plan Guide as a download and the Guide will explain in a simple and easy to follow manner exactly how you can BEGIN SAVING NOW. You can pay by Pay Pal (this will be less expensive), if you don’t have Pay Pal there is an option to pay by check on the purchase page. If you don't have Pay Pal ask your children or a friend as they likely have it and should be able to help you. You will then receive the Guide and you should be able to read it in about an hour. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. If after you read your Drug Plan Guide, for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied that you will save money, you may contact me within 7 days of your purchase and I will return the amount that you paid.

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY - I have invested many hours preparing a useful and informative Guide that has helped both myself and my wife. I want you to be completely satisfied and benefit from my effort.


Here is a brief sample of what you can expect from the Guide:

When you fill a prescription at the pharmacy you may often find on the label a notation to "Use By" or "Discard After" a date which is one year from the date the prescription is being filled.

I have been told by some pharmacists that this is required by law. Aside from being deceptive, this can be costly to you.

You are being told to discard any prescription which is one year and one day past the fill date. However, if you look at the bottom crimped edge of any prescription that is supplied to you in a tube you will find the drug manufacturer's expiration date for that tube.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer's expiration date is often a year (sometimes even two years) later than the "Use By" or Discard After" date.

This also holds true for eye drops and other medications that are supplied in the drug manufacturer's original bottle or container.

Does it make sense to throw perfectly good medication in the trash and pay for the same medication again?

I cannot understand why pharmacies should be allowed to put this one year warning limit on tubes and bottles which specifically show an expiration date which could be as much as two years later in some cases.

To carry this a step further - you can ask the pharmacist to tell you the expiration date on the bottle from which your PILLS came. Some will tell you, some will not.

If you do manage to get this date, mark it on the container for your own future reference. Naturally, check with your pharmacist as I am neither a doctor or a pharmacist - you will see for yourself.

What you have just read means that you are unnecessarily  throwing out perfectly good medications because of an arbitrary and inaccurate expiration date that is placed on just about every medication. 

Think Carefully About What You Just Read

The information that you just learned, applied to just one medication alone, will immediately save you the entire purchase price of the Drug Plan Guide.

You now have very little to lose and a lot to gain!!

The Drug Plan Guide is packed with useful information such as this and most of this information will surprise you, you will begin to realize that it can be very simple for you to save a great amount of money with very little effort. You will be sure to save considerably more with the many valuable tips and information provided to you in the informative Drug Plan Guide.

This is only a very small sample of what you will find in your Guide. The "Drug Plan Guide" has pages full of information that will help you to avoid the Donut Hole and keep you out of the Medicare Part D Gap.

You should know exactly what you are about to purchase so I include the following points of clarification:

Your Drug Plan Guide is not a comparison of competitive drug prices, nor is it an explanation of how to choose a Medicare Drug Plan.


Your Medicare Part D Information Guide IS a simple and easy to use method for planning your purchase and payment options at various stages as your drug costs accumulate throughout the year.

The Drug Plan Guide is not a huge book that will take hours to read. The Guide is a concise, simple and easy to follow booklet with information that you will be able to easily put into action right away.

This IS an easy to follow plan which will keep your prescription drug costs down and I GUARANTEE that following this simple plan will result in considerable savings for you.

**The Drug Plan Guide has been updated to cover the 2015 guidelines**

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